Enrichment, Leadership and Skill Building (ELS) Service Area Strategy

Service Learning



The Service Learning Strategy is designed to provide opportunities for youth and disconnected TAY to practice civic engagement by linking learning with active engagement in their communities. Service Learning programs will provide project based activities that foster civic engagement beyond traditional community service with the goal of transforming both the participant and the communities where they reside. Participants will conceive, plan, implement and evaluate service learning projects that produce concrete community impact. The Service Learning Strategy differs from the Youth Leadership, Engagement and Organizing Strategy in that programming in this strategy is intended to primarily be led by adult staff rather than youth participants. Service Learning programs target elementary, middle and high school youth as well as disconnected TAY and can include a range of project topics.

DCYF allocated $1,862,000 in annual funding to ten programs across ten agencies for the Service Learning Strategy.

Strategy Goals include:

  • To provide participants with the tools to develop as leaders.

  • To help participants develop a lifelong commitment to civic engagement and the habits, orientations, and practices that contribute to a more just society.

  • To increase participants’ civic engagement through caring, volunteering, organizing and educating others.

  • To support participants in conceiving, planning, implementing and evaluating service learning projects that produce concrete community impact.

Our Service Learning Strategy 2018-2023 Grantees include: