Contract Management System (CMS) Resources

DCYF grantees are required to use DCYF’s Contract Management System (CMS) to submit workplans, invoices and program data, like youth participant demographics and attendance in DCYF-funded activities. This section provides CMS resources and announcements.


  • FY2019-20 Workplans Will Be Released in the CMS on April 17th. Grantees are required to update and submit their FY2019-20 workplans for approval.  

  • FY2019-20 Workplan Webinar for Summer Programs. Grantees offering summer-specific programming are encouraged to attend a webinar for instructions on invoicing and data reporting for their summer programs. Webinars will be held on April 25th and May 2nd from 10-11:30 am. To register, please visit this link.

  • FY2019-20 ExCEL Beacons and Equitable Access Workshops. Beacons and Equitable Access grantees are required to attend one of these workshops on April 16th and 18th.  Workshops will cover CMS and EMS reporting requirements as well as lessons learned from the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Other CMS Resources and Supports

Data Cafes. Data Cafes are opportunities for grantees to receive one-on-one CMS training and support from a DCYF data analyst. Registration information for upcoming Data Cafés can be found on the CMS login page and the DCYF Technical Assistance and Capacity Building calendar].

CMS in the City Newsletter. The CMS in the City Newsletter provides information on CMS changes and updates, evaluation updates and general announcements. The newsletter is released on a monthly to bi-monthly basis through email. Staff with CMS user accounts are automatically emailed this newsletter upon release.

‘How-To’ Handouts and Videos

‘How-To’ handouts can also be found in the Resources tab of the CMS. Links to video tutorials can also be found on the CMS login page.

How to Submit Workplans

Part 2: How to Create Activities

How to Complete the Workplan Budget Form

Part 3: How to Enter Attendance

How to Submit Invoices

Part 4: How to Run Reports

Part 1: How to Register Participants

How to Upload Data