Summer in San Francisco

“Summer lasts all year” is a statement made often by the DCYF staff, and for good reason: research, evaluations, and longitudinal studies have proven time and again that engagement in summer programming yields short and long-term benefits - particularly for children from low-income families - in mathematics, language arts, and social-emotional skills. Making an investment in summer programming for children equates to making a wise and worthwhile investment in the future of San Francisco, and this is why “summer lasts all year” is never far from our minds.

For over three decades, DCYF has provided funding for community-based organizations throughout San Francisco to provide summer programming that keeps children in grades K-8 learning, engaged, safe, healthy, and ready to succeed when school starts again in the fall.


In July 2023, more than fifty DCYF grantees and our Summer Together partners will participate in National Summer Learning Week. Our grantees and partners will host events throughout San Francisco that will serve thousands of children in grades K-8. National Summer Learning Week 2023 is focused on five unique themes:

  • Love of Literacy & Learning

  • Community & Leadership

  • Wonders of Wellness, Health, & Sports

  • Amazing Arts

  • STEM


For NSLW in 2022, the week-long campaign focused on the following five themes:

  • Fostering Friendships

  • Summer Skill-Building

  • Love of Literacy & Learning

  • Wonders of Wellness

  • Amazing Arts

Check out highlights from all the events held by DCYF’s grantees in 2022!