Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

The San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF) is committed to improving program quality and driving better outcomes for program participants. We understand that the field grows stronger when we invest in the professional development of staff who administer and deliver programs. To meet the needs of front-line staff, program administrators and non-profit executives at all levels of experience, DCYF offers training workshops, cohorts, conferences and more to all our grantees. Join our community of non-profit professionals building their skills—sign up for a DCYF professional development opportunity today!



DCYF is embracing a holistic approach to Capacity Building and Professional Development by designing a multilevel system for training and support. We aim to build a stronger youth worker workforce and increase the quality of services and that are available to San Francisco children, youth and their families by providing Capacity Building and Professional Development on an individual, programmatic and agency level. DCYF University will provide an opportunity for staff and programs to become a “Specialist” by delving deeper into a specific subject matter. There are five areas of Specialization:

  • Youth Development and Healing Centered Engagement

  • Youth Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy for Emerging Youth Leaders (16-21 year olds)

  • Facilitating Career Development Institute (FCDI)

  • Executive Leadership

  • Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professionals (CNAP)



DCYF’s training offerings promote and embed the knowledge, experience, and tools developed by DCYF and our collaborators. All trainings are grounded in youth development theory and practice, and are encouraged to link to the California Department of Education’s Quality Standards for Expanded Learning. 


Cohort Based Offerings

DCYF offers cohort based offerings and workshops. All the following offerings are individuals who have applied and accepted into the cohort.



DCYF offers free coaching to all our funded grantees who serve youth K-12th grade and transitional-age youth. The goal of coaching is to improve program quality by providing on-site and targeted technical assistance to youth-serving programs mapped to youth development principles. Coaching is designed to help improve program quality and is not intended to be personal coaching, nor coaching for agency-level concerns.


Organizational Sustainability Initiative

The Department of Children, Youth and Their Families and Fiscal Management Associates (FMA) have partnered to launch DCYF’s Organizational Sustainability Initiative (OSI), an innovative new program that provides technical assistance and capacity building support for DCYF grantees. Focusing on finance and nonprofit administration, the OSI will offer opportunities to participate in:

  • Cohort-based capacity building

  • Workshops

  • Individual consulting and coaching

  • On-demand technical assistance, and more!

Have a tricky QuickBooks question? Just received stock donations for the first time and not sure how to record it? Depreciation got you down? As part of a pilot project of DCYF’s Organizational Sustainability Initiative, we are excited to be providing a dedicated hotline for DCYF grantees to help fill the gap with technical nonprofit fiscal support. The hotline is designed to be an on-demand resource to help answer grantee questions or direct grantees to helpful resources.

Call the FMA Hotline at: (415) 997-DCYF (3293) or email at 
Hours: Monday through Thursday, 9AM – 2PM