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The Department of Children, Youth and Their Families is committed to ensuring equitable access to the services and opportunities that all children, youth and families need to lead lives full of opportunity and happiness. One of DCYF's guiding principles is to ensure equitable access to services for San Francisco’s most vulnerable children, youth, transitional age youth and families.

DCYF’s commitment to equity is both fundamental to our strategic planning and mandated in the San Francisco City Charter. DCYF administers the Children & Youth Fund, and the City Charter states that DCYF is responsible for “ensuring that children and youth with the highest needs receive maximum benefit from the Children & Youth Fund." DCYF will apply an equity-based funding strategy to ensure that the Children & Youth Fund will be distributed "equitably among services for all age groups – from infancy to transitional age youth.”

Below are resources that were created by or informed DCYF staff as we established our equity metrics, crafted policy related to equity, and trained our staff on equitable practices. We hope that others will find these resources useful as well.


DCYF-PRoduced Resources

DCYF is proud to share the Equity Mission Statement our staff developed for our department: "Through our equity work we are seeking to build our understanding of historical and structural racism and the impacts it has on the communities we serve. The vision is to develop staff capacity to use an equity lens in making funding decisions and working with grantees to support those with the greatest need in the City of San Francisco."

In order to establish equity metrics and create an equity-based strategic funding model, DCYF produced an Equity Analysis as part of our Community Needs Assessment (CNA) that was used by DCYF staff to develop our Services Allocation Plan (SAP). 

External Resources

DCYF utilized resources from external sources to establish best practices, train staff, and create a more thorough understanding of equity and equitable funding.