Enrichment, Leadership and Skill Building (ELS) Service Area Strategy

Sports and Physical Activity



The Sports and Physical Activity Strategy is designed to provide opportunities for youth to engage in competitive and noncompetitive sports and physical activities and to develop key skills such as teamwork and collaboration. Additionally, Sports and Physical Activity programs will help participants positively connect with their peers and develop increased social awareness, emotional bonds and self-esteem. The Sports and Physical Activity Strategy targets youth in elementary, middle and high school and has a particular focus on programs that engage girls. Programs can cover a range of different types of sports and physical activities including, but not limited to, soccer, basketball, swimming, yoga and/or tennis.

DCYF allocated $2,716,000 in annual funding to 19 programs across 17 agencies for the Sports and Physical Activity Strategy.

Strategy Goals include:

  • To provide expanded opportunities for participants, especially girls, to engage in sports and/or physical 1 activities.

  • To increase physical activity among participants and support the development of lifelong healthy habits.

Our Sports and Physical Activity Strategy 2018-2023 Grantees include: