Out of School Time Service Area Strategy

Beacon Community School



The Beacon Community School Strategy is designed to support the implementation of the SFUSD Comprehensive Community Schools Framework utilizing the Beacon Model. Beacon Community School programs will provide powerful learning, integrated health and social supports, and authentic family and community engagement to develop students’ cognitive, social,emotional, and civic capacities. Beacon Community School programs will be student-centered, grounded in partnership and focused on the needs of students, families and the school community in order to provide youth and families with a full range of opportunities and supports. The Beacon Community School Strategy targets designated SFUSD Tier 3 K-5 elementary schools, Tier 3 K-8 Schools and 6-8 middle schools.

DCYF allocated $10,905,000 in annual funding to 27 programs across 15 agencies for the OST Beacon Community School Strategy.

Strategy Goals include:

  • To create expanded learning opportunities at schools in order for youth to feel safe, gain skills, develop supportive relationships and show growth in youth development and academic measures.

  • To ensure that parents and caregivers have a connection to school and access to community resources at their child’s school, have strong relationships with their children and other family members, and have the skills to navigate school and life more effectively.

  • To create school-community partnerships that are intentionally coordinated and aligned to meet the needs of the youth and families at that school so that they can thrive.

  • To support participants’ development of social and emotional skills.

Our Beacon Community School 2018-2023 Grantees include (School Sites in Parentheses):