2018-2023 Funding Cycle - Evaluation Services and Community Engagement and Strategic Planning Services Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

The purpose of this RFQ is to create a list of qualified firms from which DCYF may choose to enter into contract for Evaluation Services and Community Engagement and Strategic Planning Services. DCYF’s vision for these services is that they will help us understand the implementation and impact of funded programs and services and answer key departmental questions, such as whether San Francisco’s children, youth and their families have equitable access to quality youth development services.

Based on this vision, qualified vendors should possess content knowledge of DCYF’s Service Areas, as well as an understanding of DCYF’s commitment to equity. To learn more about target populations, goals and requirements for each of DCYF’s Service Areas, please refer to DCYF’s 2018-2023 Request for Proposals & Qualifications, which can be found here and to DCYF’s FY2019-2020 Grantee Year End reports which can be found here.

The application period for the RFQ closed on April 16, 2021.

Technical Assistance and Questions

The question submission period for the RFQ has closed, and the DCYF staff will no longer accept nor answer any questions related to the RFQ. The answers to all of the questions DCYF received during the official question submission period are posted below.