Workplan Timeline & Access

DCYF Workplans for FY20/21 Interim Funding Period are live now and can be accessed through the Contract Management System (CMS).

  • Due Date: Workplans are due on July 20th, 2020. This deadline is firm and must be met by grantees for DCYF to ensure continuity of payment. Please reach out to your Program Specialist with questions.

  • Workplan Completion: Workplans will be completed on CMS as they have in the past. Grantees should review the guidance and resources linked below to ensure they understand how DCYF is structuring the Interim Funding Period including activity setup and reporting.

Please do not hesitate to contact your DCYF Program Specialist with any questions.

Grant Allocations for the Interim Funding Period and Remainder of FY20/21

Grant awards for FY20/21 will be divided into allocations for 1) the Interim Funding Period, and 2) the remainder of the fiscal year:

  1. Interim Funding Period Allocations: Grantees will receive a prorated portion of their FY19/20 grant amount (including all CODB and MCO increases) for the period from July 1st  until the Mayor's proposed budget is adopted by the Board of Supervisors in October 2020. Allocations for FY20/21 can be reviewed in CMS. Grantees should contact their Program Specialist if adjustments to allocations are needed for the Interim Funding Period.

  2. Remainder of FY20/21: Agency Grants: Remaining dollars after the Interim Funding Period will be reserved for implementing services from October 2020-June 2021 under a new funding structure where all grant funds are combined into a single agency grant.

Guidance and Resources

DCYF has created the FY20/21 Guidance for DCYF Grantees document to provide information designed to help grantees understand the structure of the Interim Funding Period. This document will help grantees think about how they align their work to essential service categories as well as how they complete their workplan and report on their services. The document also includes best practices gathered from DCYF grantees. We recommend that grantees start by reviewing this document in detail before they begin their Workplans.

19/20 Fiscal Year Closeout

Please submit all FY19/20 invoices by July 31st, 2020 to align with other City Departments.

Other Resources

Online FEMA Forms

In DCYF’s April 17th Memo from the Director we provided information about filling out FEMA ICS 214 Forms. In order to make the completion and reporting more streamlined the City created an online version of ICS 214 form. DCYF strongly encourages grantees to use this online version of the 214 form rather than the PDF version we have previously provided. Grantees who have questions about this form should contact their Program Specialist.

City COVID-19 Testing

In DCYF’s April 18th Memo from the Director we provided information about CityTestSF, the City’s appointment-only COVID-19 testing site to protect essential workers and the communities they serve. All DCYF grantees have been re-designated as essential workers and can therefore be tested at any time. Grantees do not need to be experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Grantees who are interested in getting tested for COVID-19 can access more information here.

Paycheck Protection Program Resources

DCYF’s Technical Assistance provider FMA is offering continued support to grantees who have received Paycheck Protection Program loans. Visit their Paycheck Protection Program Toolbox for more information about resources and clinics.