Justice Services Service Area Strategy

Young Adult Court Case Management



The Young Adult Court Case Management Strategy is designed to support the Young Adult Court, a collaborative court model that offers alternative to detention programming designed for disconnected TAY. The Young Adult Court Case Management Strategy will provide case management to participants for 10 to 18 months within the four distinct phases of the Young Adult Court model: (1) Engagement and Assessment, (2) Stability and Accountability, (3) Wellness and Community Connection and (4) Program Transition. The model is highly structured and directed by the Young Adult Court administrative collaborative team comprised of the Young Adult Court Judge and Superior Court, the District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office and the Adult Probation Department. The Young Adult Court Case Management Strategy targets disconnected TAY who have been referred by the Young Adult Court.

DCYF allocated $800,000 in annual funding to one program at one agency for the Young Adult Court Case Management Strategy.

Strategy Goals include:

  • To provide case management and supportive services in alignment and collaboration with the Young Adult Court model.

  • To reduce recidivism for disconnected TAY and increase positive legal outcomes through successful completion of the Young Adult Court model.

  • To increase the possibility of positive long term outcomes by connecting participants with employment opportunities, substance abuse counseling and support, and housing.

  • To increase the development of life skills, wellness outcomes and access to community resources.

Our Young Adult Court Case Management Strategy 2018-2023 Grantees include: