Educational Support Service Area Strategy

Summer Transitions



The Summer Transitions Initiative is designed to support youth that need additional academic support while attending SFUSD Summer School. There are two primary components to this initiative: the Summer Youth Academic and Employment Component and the Summer Bridge Component. The Summer Youth Academic and Employment Component is intended to complement SFUSD’s summer school instruction through workshops, coaching and activities that enhance participants’ success in school and reengage their interest in learning. The Summer Bridge Component is intended to ease the transition into high school, develop positive relationships with students and foster connections to learning and education for incoming 9th graders.

DCYF allocated $1,250,000 in annual funding to one program at one agency for the Summer Transitions Strategy.

Strategy Goals include:

  • To assist incoming 9th graders in successfully transitioning into high school.

  • To help participants prepare for the next phases of their academic careers and provide them with school-readiness skills, life skills, supports in social and emotional learning and academics.

  • To increase participants’ understanding and appreciation for the connection between school and future opportunities. 

Our Summer Transitions Strategy 2018-2023 Grantees include: