Justice Services Service Area Strategy

Girls’ and Young Women’s Programming Strategy 



The Girls’ and Young Women’s Programming Strategy is designed to address the unique needs of girls who are pre- and post-adjudicated or are court referred and disconnected transitional age young women have been charged, indicted or are on active probation. Programs in this strategy focus on promoting the development and resiliency of girls and young women by helping them build the skills and knowledge needed to increase their chance of future success. Programs provide a range of services including case management, mentorship, skill building opportunities, educational reengagement, access to resources, life skills workshops and other supports.

DCYF allocated $1,788,000 in annual funding to seven programs across seven agencies for the Strategy in the Girls' and Young Women's Programming.

Strategy Goals include:

  • To provide opportunities to engage in supportive, gender responsive activities that improve resiliency and coping skills.

  • To provide activities that help develop skills, encourage the pursuit of positive future possibilities, offer outlets for positive communication and connect participants with adult allies.

  • To ensure the participants have access to gender responsive services that meet their needs.

  • To support successful transitions for participants reentering the community.

  • To decrease the likelihood of participants progressing deeper into the juvenile or adult criminal justice system.

Our Girls' and Young Women's Programming Strategy 2018-2023 Grantees include: