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Juanita Quintero

Our415 Communications Specialist |Communications Team

Juanita Quintero was born and raised in San Francisco’s Mission District and is new to DCYF. Prior to DCYF, Juanita worked as a Deputy Probation Officer for juveniles in San Mateo County for 14 years. She graduated from San Francisco State University (SFSU) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in child and Adolescent Development and an emphasis in Youth and Families, along with a Minor is counseling. Juanita is currently enrolled in graduate school and pursuing her Master’s in counseling psychology, at the University of San Francisco (USF).  She enjoys shopping, reading, and spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite food is pesto gnocchi and all types of pasta. Juanita enjoys meeting new people and feels it is a true blessing to be a part of DCYF and give back to the community.

What inspires you to do this work?

I am truly inspired by the youth of San Francisco and their willingness to break generational curses.  I believe all youth deserve a fair chance and I am excited to be part of a department that focuses on funding and supporting the programs that help our youth and their families succeed in San Francisco.

DCYF’s tagline is “Making San Francisco a Great Place to Grow Up.” Do you believe this? Tell us why.

Yes! I believe San Francisco is a great place to grow up.  I had so much fun growing up in the City and I want that for all kids!

Is there a song or anthem that inspires your grind and motivates you to serve our communities?

“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.