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Request for Proposals 2018-2023

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DCYF is pleased to announce the award recipients of our 2018-2023 Request for Proposals and Request for Qualifications.

Visit this link to access the RFP/RFQ Results Summary.

Visit this link to access the RFP/RFQ Score Reports.

The 2018-23 RFP/Q process was extremely competitive: DCYF received 693 proposals from 248 agencies, requesting a total of $185.8 million in funding. DCYF funded 299 proposals from 152 agencies for a total of $76.1 million. Because of the highly competitive nature of the process, many good programs were not funded at the amount they requested and some were not funded at all.

To request a printable PDF copy of proposal scores and comments, send an email to rfp@dcyf.org with your agency name and the name of any proposals for which you would like PDF score reports. 

DCYF is committed to providing as much transparency as possible regarding our deliberation process for the RFP/RFQ decisions.

Visit this link to access DCYF's Scoring & Deliberation Process Document.

The Scoring & Deliberation Process document details the multiple factors that DCYF weighed in order to make decisions, and includes details about the three major components of the process: scoring, deliberation, and the full slate review. 

Additional Requests for Information Regarding the RFP/Q

If you need additional publically available information about the RFP/Q results, please submit a Public Information Request to info@dcyf.org

The DCYF staff respects and appreciates the time, effort, and resources that every applicant put into the RFP/Q process. Thank you for your dedication to serving San Francisco's children, youth, transitional age youth, and their families. 

Results Based Accountability Documents

Results Based Accountability (RBA) is a disciplined and data-driven way of thinking and taking action that DCYF used to develop the SAP, Request for Proposals, and RBA Indicator Scorecards.  

Important RFP Documents

Budget Guide

In order to aid applicants in the completion of the Budget section of their RFP/RFQ response, DCYF has prepared a Budget Guide. This document contains details on all seven budget categories, as well as a set of recommendations on how to prepare your budget.

Community Needs Assessment

A comprehensive Community Needs Assessment (CNA) and Equity Analysis are the first elements of DCYF’s planning cycle. The CNA was approved by the Children & Youth Fund Oversight & Advisory Committee (OAC) on August 8, 2016, and the Board of Supervisors approved the CNA on July 18, 2017. 

Services Allocation Plan

The Services Allocation Plan (SAP) is the second element of DCYF’s planning cycle. The SAP is based on findings from the CNA and will be used to guide DCYF's investments for the 2018-23 Funding Cycle. The SAP was approved by the OAC on May 15, 2017, and was approved by the Board of Supervisors on July 18, 2017.

City & County of San Francisco's Local Action Plan

The Local Action Plan includes an assessment of existing resources that target juvenile offenders and their families, strategies to reduce juvenile delinquency, and strategies to address underlying risk factors for youth who are referred to the juvenile justice system. Additionally, the Local Action Plan outlines how San Francisco ensures collaboration in service to this population.

Final RFP Documents

Reader Materials and Resources 

This section contains materials and resources for Community Readers for DCYF’s 2018-2023 RFP and RFQ.


Introduction Video

Community Readers should watch this video first. It contains logistical information on the scoring and deliberation process as well as an overview of DCYF’s 2018-2023 RFP and RFQ.  

Service Area Videos

These videos provide descriptions, goals/intentions, target populations and the strategies of each Service Area in 2018-2023 RFP and RFQ.

Instructional Video on Scoring Proposals in the Online RFP Reader System 

This video includes information about how to score proposals in DCYF’s Online RFP Reader System.


Scoring Tips & Guidelines Handout

This document contains scoring tips and guidelines for readers.

Scoring Proposals Handout 

This document includes step-by-step instructions for scoring proposals in DCYF’s Online RFP Reader System.

DCYF Equity Portal

DCYF will apply an equity-based funding strategy to ensure that the Children & Youth Fund will be distributed "equitably among services for all age groups – from infancy to transitional age youth.” Please visit the DCYF Equity Portal for more information about DCYF's commitment to equitable funding.

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