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About DCYF Grants

Serving the CBOs that serve San Francisco

Both public and private agencies receive funding through various Department of Children, Youth & Their Families grants. The organizations that receive funding to provide services are vital partners in achieving the DCYF goals. The majority of DCYF grantees are not-for-profit 501c3 organizations, which are often referred to as community-based organizations or CBOs. DCYF relies on their expertise, knowledge, skills, and experience in delivering programs and services for children, youth, and families in San Francisco. DCYF is supportive of grantees who think outside of the box to discover new ways of offering programs that ensure children are safe and healthy in order to think, learn, and grow.

Grantees range in size from all-volunteer grass-roots organizations to highly complex multi-million dollar agencies. Some provide a specific activity while others provide comprehensive services for children from birth to adulthood.

Community-based organizations go through a rigorous and competitive selection process prior to funding. After CBOs submit proposals, members of the public, field experts, and DCYF staff make funding recommendations based on the CBO history, experience, and financial stability. Once funding is awarded, grantee organizations are issued contracts for specific services and assigned a Program Officer with expertise in the Program Area. All grantees are regularly monitored through the use of an online Contract Management System and through annual program and fiscal site visits to ensure compliance to their contract requirements.

DCYF expects all funded organizations to meet Minimum Compliance Standards and to strive for High-quality Standards in every program. To help meet these requirements, DCYF provides professional development training for grantee directors and staff. DCYF also requires grantees to attend All Grantee Meetings, regular opportunities for funded organization directors and staff to meet each other, share best practices, and discusses methods of cooperating to meet their share goal to serve the children and youth of this city.

More Information About DCYF Grants

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