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DCYF University

DCYF University

DCYF’s vision for Capacity Building and Professional Development is that all Community-Based Organization (CBO) contractors that are funded by the department are organizationally, fiscally, and programmatically sound. Community-Based Organizations provide a wide variety of youth services and play a significant role in the social, cultural and economic vitality of all communities. Their viability is, therefore, critical to community development and stability in the neighborhoods they serve.

DCYF has embraced a holistic approach to Capacity Building and Professional Development by designing a multilevel system for training and support. We aim to build a stronger youth worker workforce and increase the quality of services that are available to San Francisco’s children, youth and their families by providing Capacity Building and Professional Development on individual, programmatic and agency levels. For individual youth workers we will provide professional development opportunities that increase the skills and abilities needed to implement high quality youth development programming. On the programmatic level our efforts will focus on building the capacity and ability for programs to engage in continuous quality improvement and to support staff with their professional development. Finally, on the agency level we will help organizations build and strengthen their systems and infrastructure in order to provide the solid foundation required to support effective programs and staff.

In order to successfully implement this approach, we have created the concept of DCYF University. While we will still maintain DCYF’s current Capacity Building and Professional Development offerings, this approach will provide a more intentionally focused effort that can be used to take individuals, programs and agencies to the next level. DCYF is committed to providing all programs funded by the department with the necessary resources in order to sustain and improve quality in their programs.

DCYF University offers five areas of Specialization:

  • Youth Development Best Practices General or with a Trauma Informed Focus 
  • Youth Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy for Adult Staff and Emerging Youth Leaders (16-21 year olds) 
  • Facilitating Career Development Institute (FCDI) 
  • Executive Leadership 
  • Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professionals (CNAP)

Click here and review the DCYF University Course Catalog, Capacity Building and Professional Development Offerings in 2018-2019.

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