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Summer 2017 & FY2016-17 Year End Reports

The Summer 2017 & 2016-17 Year End reports present grantee performance measure results and participant demographic information for the 2016-17 fiscal year based on data entered in the DCYF Contract Management System (CMS) and youth satisfaction surveys administered by grantees. The reports are organized by Service Area and available online in an interactive report format at the links below:

Information in the Year End reports is organized into several tabs in the report: Program Overview, Program Participants, Program Activities, Map, and Youth Survey Results. The Program Overview tab provides a brief overview of the program and can be printed on a single sheet of paper. The remaining tabs are designed to be viewed online and include interactive features for drilling down on information.

To find a particular program’s Year End report, use the Program dropdown menu at the top of the report. The programs in this dropdown menu are sorted by the name of the grantee agency.


Interactive Report Features


Position your mouse cursor above report elements to view tooltips that include additional information about the report element.


Dropdown Menus

Use dropdown menus to select and view different report sections within a tab.


Sort Tables

Position your mouse cursor above a table header and click on the sort icon to view table information in ascending or descending order.



Use the control buttons at the top left corner of maps to zoom, pan, and reset the view of maps. Several maps are included on the "Maps" tab of the report. Participant Neighborhoods, Participant Schools, and Program Sites.


Download to PDF

Download a printable PDF of the tab you are viewing or all tabs in the report by clicking on the download button at the bottom right corner of the report, selecting PDF, and following the dialog. All report tabs were made to be printed in landscape format on letter-sized paper.



If you have any questions about the Year End reports, please contact DCYF Data and Evaluation Manager Sarah Duffy at sarah.duffy@dcyf.org

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