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DCYF Nutrition Poster Contest 2018

Nutrition Poster Contest Winners 

This year is our 2nd Nutrition Poster Contest. With the help of DCYF staff and SFUSD, we were able to reach more youth this year and received an overwhelming amount of applicants. Please take a moment to admire the six winners' artwork below. Congratulations to the winners of this year's DCYF Nutrition Poster Contest! And thank you to all the participants who had entered the Nutrition Poster Contest this year.

Middle School: 

 2nd Poster Contest - middle school 1st winner

1st Place - Kai T., age 14

Title of poster: “Tree of Life”
Description about the poster and why healthy food is important to you:
“My poster is a tree on the brink of noon. This is no ordinary tree. This tree is the “Tree of Life.” It bears the most vital ingredient to living life to the fullest… A colorful and fun mix of fruit and vegetables. Each fruit and vegetable has their own personality and unique nutritional value all working together to keep children like me active and strong. Eating healthy is important because it gives me energy that allows me to do and be move. Choosing to eat healthy, I am also able to make better life choices.”


2nd Poster Contest - middle school 2nd winner

2nd Place - Denis Y., age 14

Title of poster: “Healthy Heart”
Description about the poster and why healthy food is important to you:
“My poster is all about healthy balance diet. We should also eat healthy foods that contain protein like fish, and bread that has whole grain, so our health/diet would be balanced. In my poster you’ll see a heart filled with healthy foods in it to protect the kid from bad bacteria that will makes us sick or weak. Healthy foods are important to me because it helps me to boost my mind to be more creative and productive, and it also make my health good.”


2nd Poster Contest - middle school 3rd winner

3rd Place – Jamie Q., age 13

Title of poster: “Fruit Lady”
Description about the poster and why healthy food is important to you:
“My poster is about this girl that’s in the middle of a bunch of fruit and more fruit is falling down from the sky to her. Healthy food is important to me because it helps you become healthy and have good health.”


 High School:

2nd Poster Contest - high school 1st winner

1st Place – Dana H., age 15

Title of poster: “Building my own Easy, Accessible, Delicious Ice Cream”
Description about the poster and why healthy food is important to you:
“My poster portrays how I have been looking at raw healthy foods for the last two years. I envisioned my favorite dessert, ice cream, being substituted with juicy fruits and vegetables. Although majority of my collage are healthy foods, I wanted to have some balance with a scoop of mango ice cream because it’s alright to have it once awhile. As a student athlete, my nutrition plays a tremendous role of my performance in class, practices and games, and my interactions with others. In middle school, I would eat hot Cheetos and boba everyday and I would faint during practices.”


2nd Poster Contest - high school 2nd winner

2nd Place – Daisy K., age 18

Title of poster: “The Exploding Fork of Health”
Description about the poster and why healthy food is important to you:
“My poster showcases an array of fruits and vegetables of all colors of the rainbow, made to seem as if they are streaming out of the fork. I wanted to emphasize how healthy eating can come in many forms. Healthy food is important to me because as a dancer, fruits and vegetables are my favorite source of energy to help fuel me through my practices. The fruits and vegetables themselves all have joyful expressions as well to symbolize how I feel when I eat healthy.”


2nd Poster Contest - high school 3rd winner

3rd Place – Keana W., age 16

Title of poster: “San Foodcisco”
Description about the poster and why healthy food is important to you:
“I believe healthy food is important because it feeds our bodies the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. I split my poster in half to show the results of eating healthy and eating junk food. On the top, it shows a colorful happy world made with healthy food. While on the bottom half it shows a depressing, dirty, and sick world of junk food.”


The Summer Meal Program

The San Francisco’s Department of Children, Youth & Their Families (DCYF) is committed to the health and well-being of San Francisco's youth. With funding from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), DCYF is able to sponsor the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Both programs are designed to offer nutritious, free meals to youth when school is not in session and after school hours during school-year months, respectively. These meals are sponsored by two major sponsors in the city: San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and the Department of Children, Youth & Their Families (DCYF). DCYF provides financial and administrative support to ensure FREE nutritious meals are available in all high need neighborhoods of San Francisco to any youth age 18 and under, regardless of race/ethnicity and income.

Purpose of the Poster Contest

We believe that visual art via posters is an excellent opportunity for youth to get excited for the Summer Meal Program and engage other San Francisco youth to participate in the meal programs, which is why we created the DCYF Poster Contest.

The majority of youth who participate in these programs are K-5 students. Our goal is to engage middle school and high school students to participate in these meals program and get them excited about nutrition. Therefore, we decided to host a poster contest to have youth (ages 12-18) to redesign our outreach posters.

Poster Contest Information

Extended Poster Contest Flyer 2018

DCYF Nutrition Poster Contest application is now closed. Final deadline was on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018.

The Nutrition Poster Contest welcomes San Francisco youth ages 12-18 to apply. Youth must be a San Francisco resident to enter.

Winners will be chosen from two age groups (Ages 12-14 and Ages 15-18). Winners will receive a VISA gift card provided by SFUSD - Student Nutrition Services!

1st Place Winner(s): $175

2nd Place Winner(s): $125

3rd Place Winner(s): $75

All winners will also have their art displayed in DCYF social media outlets. The first place winners will have a choice of selecting which nutrition program their design will be featured in. In addition, the winning poster will be posted all over San Francisco by DCYF Nutrition Program meal sites!

The poster should include designs and images that represents what healthy food means to them. These posters will include mandatory language provided by USDA. The winning posters will be posted in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, and Tagalog). Please do not include any text/wording on your poster design. Poster design should be in Portrait orientation.

The winning posters will be displayed at over 100 locations in San Francisco. The entered designs and the youths' brief paragraphs on why healthy food is important to them will be featured on our website, www.dcyf.org, and DCYF's Instagram account @sf_dcyf.

Winners will be announced no later than Tuesday, May 1st, 2018.

We reserve the right to change any poster contest rules/details at any time. Check back this page for the most up to date information.

For any questions, please contact Jennifer La



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