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F$P Resources

The Financial System Project (F$P) is a Citywide initiative to implement a new enterprise financial and procurement system that launched on July 3, 2017. DCYF participates in certain functions in F$P, which affects how DCYF does business with grantees. We understand that change is often difficult, but the City is investing heavily to ensure continuity in order to phase out the City’s out-of-date systems.

Important Instructions and Information for DCYF Grantees

1. Activate Your F$P Account

All grantees must have an account in F$P. Visit the Supplier Portal to log in: https://sfsupplierportal.sfgov.org/psp/supplier/SUPPLIER/ERP/h/?tab=DEFAULT. If you need to activate your F$P account, please contact the helpdesk at sfcitypartnersupport@sfgov.org or call (415) 944-2442.

2. Confirm Address
Once you have access to your F$P account, please confirm your mailing and remittance addresses. This will ensure that any check payments and other correspondences are sent to the correct location. This is particularly important for large organizations that have many office or branch locations. Grantees with multiple addresses in their account should confirm all of them, particularly the remittance address where checks are mailed.

Review the Maintain Supplier Account Information training: https://sfcitypartner.sfgov.org/Training/TrainingGuide.

3. Confirm Paymode-X Account
F$P uses Paymode-X to provide direct deposit for your payments. Paymode-X is an Automatic Clearinghouse (ACH) provider and provides benefits such as remittance information printed on your payment stub and an email notification each time you receive a payment. If you opt out of Paymode-X, you will receive paper check payments from F$P. 

Visit the Paymode-X website to log in: http://www.paymode.com/city_countyofsanfrancisco. Should you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk at sfcitypartnersupport@sfgov.org or call (415) 944-2442.

4. Check Payment Status
You no longer need to ask your program specialist regarding your payment status. You can now check your payment status by logging into your F$P account. Payments sent via Paymode-X (direct deposit) will show as EFT and payments sent via paper check will show as check. If the payment was sent by Paymode-X, you can also access your payment details on the Paymode-X website: http://www.paymode.com/city_countyofsanfrancisco

It is important to note that DCYF grantees will not invoice in the system for payment at this time and DCYF will communicate any system access updates accordingly. In addition, DCYF does not have access to your bank account information due to supplier confidentiality. If you have inquiries about your bank account, payments from other departments or payment information, you must contact the helpdesk and create a ticket by sending an email to sfcitypartnersupport@sfgov.org. The F$P Supplier Management Team has agreed to work collaboratively with DCYF Fiscal staff to best help grantees.

Review the Check Payment Status training for instructions: https://sfcitypartner.sfgov.org/Training/TrainingGuide.

5. Get to Know F$P 
We encourage you to check out the various trainings on how to navigate the system. As a reminder, DCYF is participating in some functions of the system. Grantees who do business with multiple City departments that use more system functions may find these trainings helpful.

If there are questions related to the trainings and open labs, you can contact the helpdesk at sfcitypartnersupport@sfgov.org or call (415) 944-2442.


What is F$P?

F$P is a citywide financial and procurement system that launched on July 3, 2017. Please keep in mind that DCYF uses certain functionalities of the new system. Grantees may receive different information on the new system if grantees do business with multiple City departments. See the links below to learn about the citywide system.

What Has Stayed the Same for Grantees?

DCYF grantees will continue to use our current Contract Management System (CMS) run by Cityspan for workplan management, submitting invoices, and recording programmatic activities. DCYF’s grantees will not use F$P for these key functions.

The current Request For Proposals/Qualifications (RFP/RFQ) for FY 18-19 through FY 22-23 remains on our Cityspan platform. DCYF has not moved to F$P for RFP and RFQ processes at this time. For detailed information about the RFP/RFQ, please visit the 2018-2023 RFP/RFQ page

What Has Changed for DCYF Grantees?

Grantees will have an F$P account with a primary point in contact for each organization. This contact person will be able to update the organization’s banking account and other pertinent information in the new system.

Grantees who do business with other City departments may be using additional F$P functionalities and may receive different information on the new system. For example, some other departments will conduct RFPs and receive electronic invoices from their contractors through F$P, while DCYF will be using CMS for these functions for the indefinite future for our work with Community Based Organizations.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions?

Please use the resources below before reaching out to your Program Specialist.

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