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Training Workshops

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DCYF’s training offerings promote and embed the knowledge, experience, and tools developed by DCYF and our collaborators. All trainings are grounded in youth development theory and practice, and are encouraged to link to the California Department of Education’s Quality Standards for Expanded Learning.

Download CDE’s Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California here: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/ba/as/documents/qualstandexplearn.pdf.

If you have a suggestion for a topic or trainer that you, your staff, or the field is interested in receiving, please contact training@dcyf.org.




Description and Bios of Our Training Providers 

Be the Change Consulting
Be the Change Consulting provides high quality learning experiences and consulting for organizations to reach their creative potential. We do this through an intentional process that connects core values to organizational outcomes while providing research-based strategies, experiential learning techniques, and live coaching on real issues. Our solutions engage clients in creative problem-solving, provide alignment to research and best practices, and offer strategies to institutionalize organizational change.

Antique Edutainment
Edutainment for Equity (E4E) is a consulting and media production company specializing in issues of equity and social justice. We curate safe spaces for brave conversation and action at the intersection of education and entertainment. We provide professional and organizational development and produce media, music and events to activate allies and empower historically oppressed communities in pursuit of a better world.

Flourish Agenda
Flourish Agenda is a national nonprofit consulting firm with over 25 years of practice, research, and capacity building experience in strengthening the capacity of community organizations’ service delivery to youth of color. Flourish Agenda’s mission is to build communities and institutions in which young people of color can flourish. We design strategies that unlock the power of healing and well-being and engage youth of color and adults who serve them in transforming schools and communities.

Fiscal Management Associates
Since 1999, our dedicated consultants have served nonprofit organizations nationwide and around the world by helping them develop the capacity they need to fulfill their missions more effectively and efficiently. Foundations and city government agencies routinely call on FMA to strengthen grantee operations and fiscal management, improve their own grant-making capacity, and increase the financial knowledge of their staff. Nonprofit organizations seek out FMA for advisory services and practical tools to surmount challenges and navigate significant decisions.

Foundation Center
Foundation Center is the leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide. Their mission is to strengthen the social sector through data, analysis, and training, it connects people who want to change the world to the resources they need to succeed. It also operates research, education, and training programs designed to advance knowledge of philanthropy at every level.

Intersections Consulting 
Intersections Consulting envisions a world where human differences are celebrated and equal access is a reality for all. IC's mission is to build bridges of deep respect and acceptance across boundaries that artificially divide us while advancing access to opportunities. IC provides consultation, training, coaching, technical assistance, and facilitation in Mental Health, Organizational Development/Capacity Building, Program Evaluation, Program Planning and Curricula Development, Leadership Development, Youth Development, Fundraising, Power/ Privilege and Diversity, and Sports/Athletics and Health. Utilizing a developmental, systemic, and strengths-based approach, all of IC’s work is grounded in communities’ sociocultural realities and experiences.

Movement Strategy Center
Movement Strategy Center understands that transformative movements change the way we think, our structures and systems, the way we live, and even who we are and believes incremental change strategies are inadequate in the face of rapidly accelerating climate disruption and growing inequality. Movement Strategy Center’s approach is grounded in four elements that are the core of transformative movement building: leading with audacious vision and bold purpose; deeply embodying the values at the heart of the vision; building radical and deep community around the vision; and using all of that – vision, embodiment, and connection – to strategically navigate toward the future.

MyPath is a national nonprofit focused on paving economic pathways for low-income youth. MyPath helps cities and nonprofits “bake” banking, saving and credit-building tools and information directly into their existing youth employment programs to build local economic pathways. Our models leverage this teachable moment at the beginning of their financial lives to set the foundation for upward economic mobility, ultimately transforming their income into financial and personal growth.

Nicky MacCallum
Nicky is the Counseling Services Director for Youth ALIVE!, Oakland, CA. She is an instructor for UC Berkeley extension, co-chair of the Therapist’s Working Group for the National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs (NNHVIP) and was a Collaborative Investigator for the DSM-5 field trials contributing on Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders as well as Depressive Disorders. Nicky has more than twenty-five years of experience collaborating with victims of crime services, family reunification, foster care, juvenile and adult justice systems, community-based services, residential care, school, and hospital-based programs.

Pathways Consultants
Pathways Consultants is dedicated to helping organizations become high performing, responsive to change, and rooted in a commitment to continuous improvement. We work at the intersection of organizational, human and program development; recognizing that all are essential for a high performing organization. Our approach is driven by a true commitment to partnership and grounded in a dedication to youth, youth workers and community.  Our capacity building team includes a wealth of community experts:  LYRIC, CHALK/BACR, BAVC and many more!

Spark Decks
Youth development veterans Eva Jo Meyers and Oscar Wolters-Duran created Spark Decks in 2015 after hearing repeatedly from hundreds of organizations they worked with across the country that finding time for professional development is a major challenge. They also saw staff struggle to balance increasing demands for academically rigorous programming, while still maintaining the fun, youth-centered focus that make enrichment, afterschool and summer programming so engaging. Their workshops highlight hands-on, bite-sized strategies (“sparks”) that are designed to make on-the-job learning fun and accessible.


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