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Documents Issued to OAC Members

The documents below have been issued to all members of DCYF's Oversight and Advisory Committee. All documents are either PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, or links to other parts of the DCYF website: 

May 2018 OAC Meeting Packet

March 2018 OAC Meeting Packet

February 2018 OAC Meeting Packet

January 2018 OAC Meeting Packet

November 2017 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet

September 2017 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet

July 2017 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet

June 2017 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet

May 2017 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet

April 2017 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet

March 2017 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet

February 2017 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet

January 2017 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet 

December 2016 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet

November 2016 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet 

October 2016 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet

September 2016 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet 

August 2016 OAC Pre-Meeting Packet

July 2016 OAC Meeting

June 2016 OAC Meeting

May 2016 OAC Meeting

April 2016 OAC Meeting

March 2016 OAC Meeting

February 2016 OAC Meeting

January 2016 OAC Meeting

December 2015 OAC Meeting

November 2015 OAC Meeting

October 2015 OAC Meeting

Community Needs Assessment and Children's Services Allocation Plan

DCYF 101

Children & Youth Fund and Other City Ordinances

Our Children, Our Families Council


If you have any questions about the OAC, please contact Emily Davis.

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