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Technical Assistance and Capacity Building



Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
DCYF is committed to improving program quality and driving better outcomes for program participants, and understands that we must invest in the professional development of staff who administer and deliver programs. We strive to meet the various needs of the field including front-line staff, program administrators, and non-profit executives at all levels of experience. Review the DCYF Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Catalogue FY18-19 today and register for your workshops today.

Our professional development opportunities for staff fall into the following categories: 
    1. Training Workshops 
Other Professional Development

We are currently updating our coaching request form, please check again in the near future. 



Calendar of Upcoming Training Workshops 
Click on each workshop title for a description of workshops and locations. Registrations for workshops will not be open until a month before the training begins, so please return if you are interested in a training that is farther out. This calendar is also subject to change so check back regularly for updates.










































































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