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Jobs, Internships, and Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Jobs+ With picture of boy

Information about Jobs & Internships for Youth

Resources to Get a Job

Check here for what you need to be prepared to work. Also, scroll down to the Resume and Cover Letter and Interview Preparation sections for more help.

Working During the School Year

Working while you're in school can be an excellent way to earn money during the school year. While this may be true, you always want to make sure that working during the school year doesn't take away from your academics and other extracurricular activites you may be involved in. Whatever you choose to do we want to provide you with what you need to know. Here are some tips about working during the school year you may find helpful.

Summer Jobs and Internships

San Francisco is the best place in the country when it comes to summer jobs for youth. Summer jobs and internships are a great way to get work experience and job skills while you're not in school! The summer allows you more time to work and get as much experience as you can.

Visit the Mayor's Youth Jobs+ website for more information about summer jobs and internships for youth ages 16-24.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Interview Preparation

Volunteering in the City

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in the community you live in. Volunteering is just as important as having a job, because they both essentially give you experience outside of school. Volunteering helps you explore new interests or gives you a chance to work in something you are already interested in. Whether you have a love for animals, the elderly, or just want to serve your community, San Francisco has an opportunity for you. Before you get started, click here for helpful tips!

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are almost everywhere in every community. Many organizations and local events can use volunteers all year round. Check out this site to help match you with your passions. In the meantime, here a some ideas on where you can volunteer in the City:Volunteer

  1. San Francisco SPCA  
  2. SF Marin Food Bank
  3. Your Local Library Branch
  4. Elementary and Middle Schools
  5. Senior Citizen Communities
  6. Events and Parks
  7. Hospitals 
  8. Soup Kitchens
  9. Children Programs


None of these work for you? Create your own volunteer project! Check out this list for suggestions.


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