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CMS Training Videos

YouTube LogoEach DCYF strategy has a menu of tutorial videos on the SFDCYF YouTube Channel that cover a basic introduction of how to start entering your youth and taking attendance in the DCYF Contract Management System (CMS). If you do not have any experience with the CMS, we recommend that you watch all the videos in the order they are listed. Users with prior experience can pick and choose videos regarding the parts of the CMS that they would like to review. DCYF will continually add to this menu of videos to further support all programs in entering accurate data.

Click your strategy to access the videos.

Understanding Your Workplan Progress Report

Accurate and timely data entry is important! Your Program Officer looks at your Workplan Progress Report every month to determine where your program is at in terms of meeting your Performance Measures. You can check your program performance data by running the Workplan Progress Report yourself, either from the Reports page or the Invoice page in the CMS.

For a guide to understanding the Workplan Progress Report, click here!

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