2024-29 Request for Proposals

Next Steps for Funded Programs

Once agencies have received their funding awards they will carry out several next steps to complete their workplans, attend orientations and finalize the grant approval process.

Complete Workplans

After receiving Award Letters grantees will be given access to the Contract Management System (CMS), DCYF’s online grants management platform. This system will be used to facilitate the 24/25 Workplan approval process. Workplans are completed each year and are part of the Grant Agreement, a type of contract used by the City to fund services for public benefit.

Grantees Receive Access to CMS and 24/25 Workplans: April 22nd, 2024
For instructions on how to use CMS, use the CMS Handbook

24/25 Workplan Due Dates

There are two separate due dates:

  • All workplans that include summer programming or are for $10 million or more (which need to go the Board of Supervisors) are due on May 6th

  • All other workplans are due on May 28th

Grantee Orientation Meetings

Grantee orientation meetings help your agency understand how to do business with DCYF, and serve as an opportunity for DCYF to share information specific to the service areas, strategies, and initiatives your agency is funded under.

Links to PDF versions of the slide decks from each grantee orientation meeting are posted below.

Family Empowerment Orientation. This grantee orientation meeting has been postponed. An invitation to register will be sent to relevant agencies the week of May 13, 2024.

Other Service Areas, Strategies & Initiatives. Agencies that are funded under Service Areas, Strategies, and Initiatives that are not listed above will receive individual invitations to grantee orientation meetings.

Finalize Grant Agreement Approval Process

Grant agreements must be fully executed and processed before DCYF can make grant payments. Grantees should strive to fully understand the process and their responsibilities to limit potential delays. The Grant Agreement approval process takes approximately six to twelve weeks to complete.

After all workplans associated with the grant have been approved the Grant Agreement approval process includes the following additional steps:

  • Grant Agreement Created: grantees will work with the Program Specialist assigned to their grant to ensure that all compliance elements and necessary documents have been submitted. Once complete, DCYF’s Contracts team will generate a Grant Agreement.

  • Grant Agreement Signed: the Grant Agreement will be sent electronically to all required signatories through DocuSign (the signer does not need to have a DocuSign account). The grantee agency’s Executive Director will sign first followed by the City Attorney and DCYF. After signatures are collected all parties will receive a PDF of the fully executed contract via email from DocuSign and the Grant Agreement will be uploaded to the City’s PeopleSoft system.

  • Fiscal Processing: After the Grant Agreement is executed, DCYF’s Fiscal team will work with the Controller’s Office to encumber the grant funds for the first fiscal year. The Controller must certify all funds before DCYF can complete the approval process. Once Controller approval is received, the DCYF Fiscal team will assign each Grant Agreement a unique purchase order (PO) number that will be recorded in PeopleSoft and CMS. Once a PO number is assigned, grantees will receive a notice indicating that the approval process is complete, and that invoicing can begin.