Participants must choose one Specialization and complete all Core Course Requirements. To qualify for a Certificate of Completion you must complete both Specialization and Core Course requirements. Each category has a code associated with it and only those workshops carrying that code satisfy the specialization requirement.


A Specialization is an area in which you would like to have deeper knowledge and understanding. There are five areas of Specialization:

+ Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professionals (CNAP)

The CNAP Specialization is the only nationally recognized certification program for nonprofit accounting professionals. CNAP is a 3-full day workshop series and is designed to provide a deep dive into the technical areas of nonprofit financial management.

Participants in this specialization will receive Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professionals Certification.

+ Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership Specialization is designed for Executive Directors with at least 3 years leading a non-profit organization. Executive Directors will participate in a 10-month transformative leadership shared learning experience. The cohort will engage with Flourish Agenda's Radical Healing model for youth well-being and development. During cohort sessions, participants will reflect on their unique role as executive directors of youth serving organizations and the challenges and opportunities that they face in supporting staff, meeting organizational needs, and creating programs in which youth can flourish. They will also explore what transformative leadership development means, and contextualize it for their personal development as well as their leadership at work and management topics.

Participants in this specialization will receive a DCYF University Certification.

+ Facilitating Career Development Institute (FCDI)

The Career Development Specialization is designed for professionals with at least 6 months of direct service experience, at any level of services delivery (direct service, coordination/management, executive). Career Development professionals will gain the skills and knowledge to assist others in planning careers and obtaining meaningful work. The program is a blended learning platform, which includes a minimum of 120 class/project hours and a student manual. To obtain the certification participations must pass each chapter quiz with a 70% or higher to demonstrate mastery and complete a capstone group project.

Participants in this specialization will receive a Facilitating Career Development Certification from the National Career Development Association.

+ Youth Development and Healing Centered Engagement

The Youth Development and Healing Centered Engagement Specialization is designed for professionals with at least 4-5 years of Youth Development Experience. This year-long course will elevate your knowledge and practices by focusing on 3 Key Principals of Youth Development which are highlighted through DCYF’s adoption of the Youth Program Quality Assessment(YPQA) framework. Youth Development Practitioners will learn the following principles: 1) Creating Safety; 2) Nurturing Belonging(Supportive Environment and Interaction); 3) Building Agency (Engagement). Embedded within these Principles are a healing centered approach, social justice, equity and cultural competency. These principals are the foundation to curating the conditions that allow for: 1) Youth centered Polices & Practices; 2) Staff Capacity & Sustainability; and 3) Safe & Supportive Environment in Schools, Neighborhoods & Families.

Participants in this Specialization will be able to obtain a Youth Development Certification and 3 units from San Francisco State University (SFSU).

+ Youth Leadership Empowerment and Advocacy for Emerging Youth Leaders (16-21 year olds)

YLEA will provide an opportunity for youth leaders to strengthen their leadership skills through Movement Strategy Center’s Transformative Youth Leadership Framework. The Transformative Youth Leadership Framework will support youth to move from cultures of personal crisis and survival to reflection, action and sustainability.

YLEA applications are available. Participants in this specialization will receive a DCYF University Certification.

Upon completion of the all requirements, participants will be able to receive credit through either San Francisco State University’s Department of Ethnic Studies and/or Extended Learning Program or another certified program. All participants who satisfy specialization requirements will receive a certificate of completion.

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

DCYF University

DCYF has embraced a holistic approach to Capacity Building and Professional Development by designing a multilevel system for training and support. We aim to build a stronger youth worker workforce and increase the quality of services that are available to San Francisco children, youth and their families by providing Capacity Building and Professional Development on individual, programmatic and agency levels. For individual youth workers we will provide professional development opportunities that increase the skills and abilities needed to implement high quality youth development programming. On the programmatic level our efforts will focus on building the capacity and ability for programs to engage in continuous quality improvement and to support staff with their professional development. Finally, on the agency level we will help organizations build and strengthen their systems and infrastructure in order to provide the solid foundation required to support effective programs and staff. View the DCYF Universtiy Pamphlet here!


Complete the application . The application must be submitted by July 31st, 2019. Once submitted a panel of DCYF staff will review the application and make a selection based on a “set of criteria.” Applicants will then set up a time to speak with the Technical Assistance & Capacity Building Coordinator to walk through the requirements and set-up a course schedule and will serve as a guide to support and help you navigate through your journey.

DCYF University Information Sessions:

  1. Thursday, June 13th from 5:30-7:00 pm at DCYF

  2. Thursday, June 27th from 6-7:30 pm at DCYF

If you have any questions, please contact Teodora Ildefonzo-Olmo at


To qualify for a certificate of completion you must meet the following requirements, which are explained in more detail in the following sections:

  • Core Course Requirements

  • Pre-Requisites

  • Specialization Requirements


The core course requirement is designed to introduce you to foundational information that we believe will assist you in your journey to becoming a better youth worker. There are five categories of Core workshops: Trauma, Behavior/Group Management, Diversity/Social Justice, Youth Development and Fiscal Administration. The intent of these workshops is to provide foundational knowledge around the identified category. Each category has a code associated with it and only those workshops carrying that code satisfy the core course requirement.


Once you decide which courses you will take to achieve your certificate of completion, you will receive priority enrollment for the courses, times and dates of your choice and will be automatically registered online. It is important to note that many of the DCYF University courses are also open to the public and will have both DCYF University participants as well as general direct service providers.


You are required to attend all workshops in order to receive a certificate of completion. If you miss a workshop, you must attend an alternative date. Please note course availability is limited and failure to show up or make arrangements with your DCYF University liaison may result in forfeiture of your certificate of completion and any additional incentives.

For more information, contact Teodora Ildefonzo-Olmo at