Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

DCYF University

DCYF is embracing a holistic approach to Capacity Building and Professional Development by designing a multilevel system for professional development and personal growth. We aim to build a stronger youth worker workforce and increase the quality of services and that are available to San Francisco children, youth and their families by providing Capacity Building and Professional Development on an individual, programmatic and organizational levels. At the individual level, we will provide professional development opportunities that increase the skills and abilities needed to implement high quality youth development programming. On the programmatic level, our efforts will focus on building the capacity and ability for programs to engage in continuous quality improvement and to support staff with their professional development. Finally, on the organizational level, we will help organizations build and strengthen their systems and infrastructure in order to provide the solid foundation required for effective programs and staff.

DCYF University Accepting Application for Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership Specialization is designed for Executive Directors with at least 5+ years leading a non-profit organization. The 18 month fellowship that creates an intentional learning community for Executive Directors to uncover their deeply rooted values in order to be better leaders in the field of youth development. Our executive coaching cohort intends to support transformative leadership at three levels by: 1) Building and developing professional skills 2) increasing interpersonal wellness, and 3) expanding personal awareness, healing, and resilience.

Participants in this specialization will receive a DCYF University Certification.

APPLICATION EXTENDED to Friday, September 20th at 5 pm

DCYF University Accepting Applications for Youth Leadership Empowerment and Advocacy Program

DCYF University is recruiting youth leaders to become Specialists in Youth Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy. The DCYF University Youth Leadership program includes a series of seven workshops between October 2019 and June 2020. Participants will receive participation incentives, and will have the opportunity to help design and lead DCYF's 2020 Youth Advocacy Day. Applications are due by September 20.

What is Youth Advocacy Day (YAD)?

Youth Advocacy Day (YAD) is an annual all-day event committed to youth empowerment and civic engagement for San Francisco’s youth. It is a day in which high school students have the opportunity to meet directly with city leaders and public officials to share their thoughts, concerns, and questions about issues they care about as young people. Since its inception, DCYF has worked to make Youth Advocacy Day a unique educational experience for youth to take ownership over their civic lives. We aim to demystify the engagement between youth and our public officials by creating intentional interactions and positive experiences within City Hall. Students from all across San Francisco will leave with a powerful, engaging, and educational experience that will equip them with tools to make them more active citizens.


Must be between the ages of 16-21 years old

  1. Completed at least one year in high school

  2. Current (or recent) San Francisco resident

  3. Currently a youth worker, advocate or community organizer OR have recent personal experience with the foster care system, juvenile justice system, alternative education, parenthood, young people with disabilities, young people involved in the underground street economy or immigrant young people and are committed to creating a positive long term change to benefit those populations

  4. Ability to commit up to five hours (per month) of DCYF University related activities which includes:

    1. One three hour monthly meeting (10:30 am - 1:30 pm) held on the second Saturday of every month at 1390 Market Street, suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94102

    2. Responding to calls/texts or emails regarding DCYF University

    3. Weekly program participation (in your current role)

Optional: If you decided to participate in Youth Advocacy Day (YAD), there will be up to seven additional week day sessions during the after-school hours. More information to follow.

6. Dedicated to expanding your network and make meaningful connections

What's in it for you?

YOU will network and collaborate with other youth and youth adults working in the community.

  1. YOU will receive a DCYF-issued letter of recommendation, verification of volunteer hours or referrals to agencies to volunteer as needed for resumes, college applications and internship opportunities (upon request)

  2. YOU will have the opportunity to participate in additional training, coaching and/or mentoring through DCYF funded trainings and through DCYF staff referrals

  3. YOU will build off of expertise to understand the elements of quality youth programming and learn to evaluate programs effectively

  4. YOU will receive monetary stipends based on meeting expectations
    Up to $100 per meeting and you will be paid every 3-months
    Payment schedule: December 2019, March 2020 & June 2020

Optional: If you choose to participate in Youth Advocacy Day, you will receive an additional $300 stipend.

For more information, contact Teodora Ildefonzo-Olmo at teodora@dcyf.org