District 7: Family Summit


DCYF hosted the We are the City: District 7 Family Summit on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at the Commodore Sloat Elementary School. Youth and families from the West of Twin Peaks, Miraloma, Mount Davidson, St. Francis Wood, West Portal, Merced Manor and neighboring communities spent their Thursday evening with us. They shared their personal stories, perspectives and experiences to help make San Francisco a great place to grow up. Here are some of the key themes highlighted during the District 7 Family Summit:

  • Transportation is a big pain point for youth and parents alike- buses are not adequate, they are always full, and they are often late.

  • New immigrants- parents don’t know about lifestyle in this country and have communication issues with their children who are growing up here; parents are worried about what youth are involved in; immigrant youth need support to manage anxiety, depression and the acculturation process.

  • Youth want help getting into college; youth also just want job experience; youth reported that it is very hard to get your first job.

  • Youth with incarcerated parents appreciate school based supports and positive youth development opportunities

  • Families highlighted the need for services and supports for middle income families- affordable after care and pre-school, mental health support, and free community events.


The We Are The City Family Summits are places for City residents to make their voices heard. The stories we collect at the Summits will play a critical role in our five year planning process, ultimately guiding how the City will invest in programs and services for our children, youth and young people (ages 0-24).


Shout out to the youth and families along with Board of Supervisors President Norman Yee and Erica Maybaum for joining us. Shout out to Mestiza Catering for the delicious food spread. Shout out to Stonestown Y for providing childcare. Shout out to the Intergraphics team for providing in language facilitation. And a special shout out to the staff of DCYF and Bright Research Group.