Program & Map

12:00PM – 12:20PM


Michigan St. Patio

12:20PM – 1:20PM

Lunch Program


12:20-12:30 Performance by Samoan Community Development Center

12:30-12:37 Keynote by Teodora Ildefonzo-Olmo, Technical Assistance & Capacity Building Manager, DCYF

12:37-12:45 Welcome to the Citywide Frontline Collaborative - their connection to Innovation & Wellness, Instructions about Lunch and Lunch time Activities 

12:45-1:20 Music over lunch time

1:20PM - 1:30PM

Transition to workshops & kiosks

DJ D Sharp

1:30PM – 2:40PM


  • Spark Decks | Roof Top

  • Flourish Agenda | Artist Workshop

    An immersive Healing experience rooted in play that invites participants to step into courageous conversations while building community.

  • Niroga Institute | Carrasel (aka Teaching Kitchen)

    The power to act instead of merely react, to choose how we respond to any situation, affects everything we do. Given the high levels of toxic stress and trauma in our lives and in the lives of those we serve, tools for emotion regulation are essential for our mental health and our well-being. This workshop is highly recommended to address the high levels of stress that many of us have been facing in our professional and personal lives. We will discuss how stress affects our brains, our behavior, and what we can do about it.

  • RiDE (center)

    AGASAN in the Ilokano dialect means "to heal or give medicine." Utilizing sound, movement and visual art to offer creative pathways of collectivised wellness. Connect to our inner selves and to one another using art as an integrative process.

  • Botanical Bus | Marin Patio

    Join Maria Pérez Centurión, and the Botanical Bus for a wellness workshop on stress relief for caretakers, stemming from our connection to the earth. Learn about rooting down, the power of being barefoot, breathwork tools, and ways to connect with relaxing medicinal plants like lemon balm, chamomile, rose, and others. This workshop is offered in Spanish with translation to English.

  • Yeah, Art! | Michigan Patio

    A creative spin on the familiar Paint & Sip model. We encourage guests to tap into their inner child through a revitalizing shared art experience.

  • Spearitwurx | Gods & Monsters

    An easeful movement-based self-reflective journey to ground in our “why”, explore transformative relationships, and create sustainable personal wellness practices that promote awareness, reflection, and connection in our daily lives. Open to all ages and abilities.


  • Cooking Fiyah & Spearitwurx | Gods & Monsters @ Bar

    Participants will engage in learning how to make delicious, powerful, yet simple smoothies that nourish the body mind and spirit. From Berry Bliss to Green Goodness, participants will be able to explore a variety of flavors. Recipes will be distributed.

  • Spearitwurx | Gods & Monsters

    Participants will play with various essential oils and understand their properties in order to craft their own special blend of bath salts and body scrubs for wellness and renewal.

  • Sowa Wellness | Gods & Monsters (2), Gallery - Illinois St. (1), Marina Patio (1)

    California Certified Massage Therapists provide 15 minute chair masssages to participants. Participants must sign up for a 15 minute appointment to receive a massage.

  • Yeah, Art! | Gallery

    8’ x 8’ vinyl banner with Yeah, Art! graphic for participants to collaborate and paint inside (and outside!) the lines.

  • Department of Elections | Gallery



Samoan Community Development Center

Lunch Session Performers

Teodora Ildefonzo-Olmo

Technical Assistance & Capacity Building Manager, DCYF

Lunch Session Keynote Speaker

Teodora Ildefonzo-Olmo is DCYF’s Technical Assistance & Capacity Building Manager. Teodora is a San Francisco native and first generation Filipina. She grew up in Visitacion Valley, where she and her husband currently live and are raising their two kids Marley and Gabriel. Teodora has over 20 years of youth development experience, which was nurtured in San Francisco. She has had the honor to work for various nonprofit organizations: Jamestown Community Center, Summer Search Foundation, Real Options for City Kids and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative. Prior to working for DCYF, Teodora was the Community Schools Director for the City of San Pablo. During her time there she developed deep relationships with systems leaders and created a coordinated system of care for San Pablo families. San Pablo became a Beacon City, which has been the model for what is possible for West Contra Costa County. Teodora has raised generations of young people, who have in turn raised her and shaped her leadership and commitment to young people in San Francisco & the Bay Area. Being connected to her community is extremely important. In her spare time, Teodora teaches martial arts to kids and families in Visitacion Valley and in Daly City, CA. Teodora holds a B.S. in Child and Adolescent Development and an M.S. in Recreation, Parks and Tourism both From San Francisco State University.

Jenjii Hysten & Franklin Hysten

Founders of Blaze Consulting Group

Masters of Ceremony

Blaze Consulting Group creates transformative experiences to activate positive results. We help elevate organizations, using experiential learning theories, strategic planning, and data-informed processes to cultivate change. Through innovative design, impactful consulting, and social justice programming, we provide tangible solutions that move people from thinking into action. At our core, we approach the world with a lens of compassion, hope and a belief that "we are the ones we've been waiting for."  Through the circles of possibilities, we envision a world more healthy, equitable and just.

DJ D Sharp

International DJ & Official DJ of the Golden State Warriors

DJ D Sharp was not born with an equal edge. His melodic congruence is boosted by his Oakland influence. Now coming up on almost a decade as the official DJ of the Golden State Warriors, DJ D Sharp raises the decibel levels of 20,000 strong at the infamous Chase Center. So as you see… There is no venue to quaint or no arena to grand that this DJ can not mold and bend to his skillful hands. If music is the elixir for the soul, then D Sharp is the instrument to help you move your bones.

Spark Decks

Workshop Provider

Self and Collective Care for Youth Serving Professionals

Flourish Agenda

Workshop Provider

Healing Day

Niroga Institute

Workshop Provider

Tools for Emotional Regulation


Workshop Provider

The Botanical Bus

Workshop Provider

General Self-Care for Providers

Offered in Spanish with English interpretation

Yeah, Art!

Workshop & Kiosk Provider

Workshop: Dream & Paint

Kiosk: Big Kid Coloring Sheet


Workshop & Kiosk Provider

Workshop: Transformative Movement

Kiosk: Aromatherapy and Bathsalt Demo

Cooking Fiyah

Kiosk Provider

Be Well Family Smoothie Demo

Sowa Wellness

Kiosk Provider



Notice of Filming and Photography

Filming and photography will take place during the event. This is to capture the moments and highlights of the event for documentation, promotion and marketing purposes. By attending this event, you acknowledge and agree to the use of your image and likeness captured in any photographs or video footage taken during the event. These images may be used in various marketing and promotional materials, including but not limited to our website, social media platforms, and advertising campaigns. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please let us know during Arrivals Check In so we may accommodate your request.