5th Annual

SF Youth Nutrition Art Contest


Congratulations to our 2022 winners!

Congratulations to our 2022 winners!


Grades K-2


Grades 3-5


Grades 6-8


Grades 9-12


Judging criteria

DCYF is looking for creative art that focuses on:

  • Interpretation of theme “what does healthy food mean to you” - does the art and their narrative clearly show a representation of what does healthy food means to the artist? Does the artist share their personal feelings or experiences on how healthy food impact the artist’s life?

  • Conveying theme to others - does the artwork inform other youth about the importance of healthy food and entice youth to consider healthy food choices in their daily life?

  • Creativity - does the artwork show imagination, originality, and expressiveness?

contest requirements

  • Create an original artwork on 4” x 6” (postcard) paper with a creative design or image that conveys the theme of “What does healthy food mean to you?”

  • Your artwork may be in any media form. For example: pen and ink, paint, photography, computer graphics, or other creative modes.

  • No copyright images are permitted.

  • Your artwork must not include any text or wording.

  • Open to youth residents of SF in elementary, middle, or high school


Awarded artists will win a Visa gift card and their artwork and narratives will be used for marketing and promotional materials related to the nutrition programs.

Awarded artists will be selected from four grade categories: Kindergarten to 2nd grade, 3rd to 5th grade, 6th to 8th grade, and 9th to 12th grade.

  • 1st place: $150

  • 2nd place: $100

  • 3rd place: $50

4th annual SF youth nutrition poster contest

Past Results

DCYF is proud to announce the winners of our 4th Annual SF Youth Nutrition Poster Contest to design the art for our City’s nutrition programs. We asked San Francisco elementary, middle, and high school students, What does healthy food mean to you? See the winning entries below, and look out for the 1st place artwork promoting the free meals program all over the City! Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who participated!

Elementary School

1st Place: Rong Z.

5th grade, Sutro Elementary School

Healthy is Wealthy

First, provides nutrients to the body and strengthens the immune system. Second, to provide more energy for your body. Third, they are rich in protein and nutrients. It very good for your body. Fourth, they can help maintain cell function. That why healthy food is great help to you.

Rong’s artwork will be featured on DCYF’s Summer Meals brochures advertising the locations of our meal sites around San Francisco for Summer 2020.

Middle School

1st Place: Yanette T.

8th Grade, A.P. Giannini Middle School

Fruit vs. Trash

On one side, there is fruit, which is healthy and good for you. On the other, there is a burger on a pile of trash, which is bad for you. Just like how trash pollutes and damages the earth, junk food hurts your body. Healthy food is important because it makes you feel good, it makes you healthier, and it gives you more energy to live your life.

Yanette’s artwork will be featured on DCYF’s Afterschool Meals posters at meal sites during the 2020-21 school year.

High School

1st Place: Karen S.

11th Grade, Abraham Lincoln High School


An essential part to being healthy is both exercise and healthy food. Eating nutritious food powers the body, which is why the fruits and vegetables are in a way “fueling” the athlete to finish in first. Not only does it help the body grow physically, but mentally as well, because it will give the body enough nutrients and energy to function. Personally, healthy and nutritious food is important to me because it was an essential part to helping me go from overweight to a healthy weight and to put me out of risk for prediabetes.

Karen’s artwork will be featured on DCYF’s Summer Meals posters at meal sites during Summer 2020.


2nd Place, Elementary School: Zexuan Z.

5th Grade, Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School

California Sunny Food

“Fruit, vegetable, bean, eggs, fish and meat are healthy food for everyone. Theses food full of California help us grow up and be healthy. We use our hands to make healthy food, to build our world and protect our environment clean.”

2nd Place, Middle School: Kylie C.

7th Grade, Herbert Hoover Middle School

Healthy Foods are Superheros

“My poster is showing how healthy foods are superheroes and how they help the community. Healthy foods help people feel energized and focused. Healthy foods are good for our body and mind. Some healthy foods even help us heal, which is how I came up with the concept that healthy foods are our superheroes/saviors, which may sound like an exaggeration but it isn’t. Imagine what life would be like without healthy food? Everything would be different. Imagine no Apples, Bananas, Blueberries, and Oranges? I personally can’t imagine.”

2nd Place, High School: Natalie W.

9th Grade, Balboa High School


“Healthy food is important to me because eating it makes me feel more energized and lets me stay more focused. It also means I won’t be sick from eating something bad.”


3rd Place, Elementary School: Charlotte L.

3rd Grade, Hillcrest Elementary School

My Energy

“Healthy food is important to me because it gives me energy and makes me feel good. When I drew this girl surrounded by fruit, I wanted people to feel happy and more confident. This drawing is how I feel about healthy food and what I think about them.”

3rd Place, Middle School: Julia B.

6th Grade, Herbert Hoover Middle School

Good Health is Colorful

“The center of the poster contains drawings of colorful fruit and vegetables and in the background, there’s a variety of unhealthy foods that are colored in only black and white. I think that eating healthy is important so you can live a happier life with fewer illnesses.”

3rd Place, High School: Samantha K.

11th Grade, Abraham Lincoln High School

Food Zen

“Healthy food is important to me because my grandma suffers from diabetes, my father suffers from high cholesterol, and my sister has pre-diabetes. Without a balanced diet their quality of life would be worse. For me, healthy food gives me the energy to go to school, talk with my friends, and hang out with my family and turtle.”