Making San Francisco

A Great Place To Grow Up


Our Mission

The Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families (DCYF) administers San Francisco’s powerful investments in children, youth, transitional age youth, and their families through the Children and Youth Fund since 1991. With a deep commitment to advancing equity and healing trauma, we bring together government agencies, schools, and community-based organizations to strengthen our communities to lead full lives of opportunity and happiness. Together, we make San Francisco a great place to grow up.


Our Vision

DCYF envisions a strong San Francisco where all children and youth are supported by nurturing families and communities; all children and youth are physically and emotionally healthy; all children and youth are ready to learn and succeed in school; and all youth are ready for college, work and productive adulthood.

Our Foundation


Strategic Funding

We promote practice- and research-informed programs, seed innovation and seek to address inequities in access and opportunity.


Quality Services

We provide leadership in developing high quality programs and strong community-based organizations in the interest of promoting positive outcomes.


Engagement with San Francisco’s Communities

We prioritize children, youth, transitional age youth and families’ voices in setting funding priorities and will build our knowledge of and presence in neighborhoods across San Francisco.


Collaborative Partnerships

We commit to working with city stakeholders to help set funding priorities, practices and policies that are based on an  equity framework.


“We have reached the culmination of an exciting multi-year planning cycle, and I am proud of the new grant portfolio that resulted from the process . Our funding decisions were guided by the population-level data that we track regularly, and by intentionally listening to community members’ needs. The programs we are funding will support and strengthen San Francisco’s children, youth, TAY and families with greatest need.”

Maria Su, Psy.D.  | Executive Director



In 1991, the Children’s Amendment to the City Charter was passed by voters, making San Francisco the first city in the country to guarantee a dedicated funding stream to children each year in the city budget. The legislation set aside a portion of annual property taxes for the exclusive funding of services that benefit children.

The Children’s Fund was overwhelmingly renewed by voters in 2000, then renewed again in 2014 with broad voter support for an extended 25-year tenure through Proposition C. Proposition C, also known as the Children and Families First Initiative, increased the property tax earmark for children and youth to four cents of every $100 of assessed property value (to be fully phased in by fiscal year 2018-19), renamed the Children’s Fund to the Children and Youth Fund and expanded use of the Fund to the provision of services to disconnected transitional age youth (TAY) ages 18 to 24.

DCYF administers these funds to community-based organizations and public agencies to provide services to children, youth and families. DCYF’s Oversight and Advisory Committee (OAC), which was established under the 2014 legislation, helps to guide strategic planning, funding recommendations and evaluation of funded programs. In fiscal year 2017-18, DCYF provided approximately $117 million in direct service grants to XXX programs located across all of San Francisco’s neighborhoods, helping to support over XX,XXX children and youth, birth to age 24, and their families.




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