2019-2023 Request for proposals

Sports & Physical Activity and Connective Services

On February 19, 2019 DCYF released the 2019-2023 Enrichment, Leadership, and Skill-Building and Mentorship Request for Proposals. Grants awarded through the RFP will fund programming in two Service Areas:

  • Enrichment, Leadership & Skill Building (ELS): Sports and Physical Activity. The Sports and Physical Activity Strategy is designed to provide opportunities for youth to engage in competitive and noncompetitive sports and physical activities and to develop key skills such as teamwork and collaboration. Additionally, Sports and Physical Activity programs will help participants positively connect with their peers and develop increased social awareness, emotional bonds and self-esteem. The Sports and Physical Activity Strategy targets youth in elementary, middle and high school, as well as disconnected transitional age youth (TAY), and has a particular focus on programs that engage girls. This strategy is looking to support programs that can cover sports and physical activities that include, but are not limited to, basketball, baseball, softball, swimming, tennis, boxing, cheer, golf and volleyball.

  • Mentorship: Connective Services. The Connective Services Strategy is designed to provide youth with opportunities to connect to caring adult role models who can support them in their upward mobility and success. Connective Services programs will include mentoring, activities that support the development of caring relationships between youth and staff, individual and group support, connection to needed services and resources, approaches to behavior management such as restorative justice practices, positive youth development activities, culturally focused and healing circle supportive programming, and will promote positive social and emotional learning. Connective Services programs target at-risk youth and can be implemented using a range of programming models. Services should include building youth’s self-esteem and confidence and supporting youth to achieve their goals.

Note that registration is required in order to access the RFP document. In the event DCYF makes alterations to the RFP document registrants will be notified via email of changes.

The question submission period for the RFP closed on March 4 at 5pm. DCYF will no longer answer any questions about the RFP.

DCYF funded 14 proposals in the amount of $1,342,000 across 13 agencies for 2019-2023.

Agencies who applied for the RFP can file a formal appeal with DCYF. The appeal period begins immediately following the award announcement Friday, May 24, 2019), and ends on Friday, May 31, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. If you choose to do so, please submit a written statement outlining the grounds of your appeal to: DCYF will also accept hard copies of appeals delivered to our offices at 1390 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94102, Attn: RFP Appeals. A panel selected by DCYF staff will review all submissions and make a final determination.

Estimated Timeline (Dates Subject to Change)

  • RFP Issued: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

  • Non-Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference: Wednesday, February 27, 10am to 12pm (More information below)

  • Question Submission Period: Tuesday, February 19 through Monday, March 4 at 5pm

  • Proposals Due: Monday, March 18, 2019 at 5pm

  • Award Decision Finalized: Friday, May 24, 2019

Pre-Proposal Conference

A non-mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference for the RFP took place on Wednesday, February 27 at the SF Main Library. Answers to all questions received at the Pre-Proposal Conference are included in the final Question and Answer document.