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Out of School Time

San Francisco is home to more than 50,000 elementary and middle school age youth, all of whom need enriching, positive, and fun activities in the hours away from school. Out of School Time (OST) programs provide learning opportunities for youth that foster their academic, socio-emotional, and physical development during after school hours, weekends, and summers. OST programs for elementary and middle school youth are one of DCYF's largest investments with more than $15 million granted annually to more than 200 programs in neighborhoods across San Francisco. Learn more about Out of School Time. 

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OST Grants

DCYF grants funds to afterschool programs at school sites and community-based sites, specialized service providers, summer programs and a literacy effort called SF TEAM. In addition, DCYF and SFUSD fund the San Francisco Beacon Centers, community hubs operated by non-profit organizations at public schools that provide out of school time programming, family engagement opportunities, and other services to support youth. All of DCYF's grantees must adhere to DCYF’s standards for OST programs, which were originally developed in 2006 with provider input and have been updated to reflect San Francisco Afterschool for All’s citywide definition of quality programming.

Curriculum, Activity Guides and Other Tools for OST Programs

• Expanded Learning Collaborative 2013 Resource Guide
• DCYF's Vetted List of Resources for Community-Based Afterschool Programs
• Expanded Learning Collaborative Core Competencies for Staff
• Expanded Learning Collaborative Afterschool Quality Assessment Tool 
• DCYF’s Brief on Integrating School Day and Afterschool 
• DCYF’s Brief on Front-Loading as a Strategy to Align School Day Learning
• Tips for Using Parent Fees in OST Programs
• Special Needs Inclusion Project

DCYF's Policy Efforts

Expanded Learning Collaborative

In 2005, the City of San Francisco and SFUSD made a pledge to support the creation of a citywide system that would address ways to enhance program quality and aim to provide “afterschool for all” elementary and middle school children. Since that time, DCYF and SFUSD have lead the Afterschool for All Advisory Council, composed of representatives from SFUSD, city departments, higher education institutions, funders, parents, youth, and provider trainers. Over the years, Afterschool for All has worked with a variety of stakeholders to develop policy recommendations, tools, training events, and information to build the local OST system. In 2013, the Afterschool for All Advisory Council in San Francisco broadened its focus to include summer programming, in addition to afterschool programming. Given the increasing focus on the importance of summer programming and shifts in the OST landscape, the Advisory Council will be changing its name to the “Expanded Learning Collaborative” in the fall of 2013 to emphasize its focus on summer and high school issues.

Summer Learning Network

The San Francisco Summer Learning Workgroup members include: school and community based youth organizations, evaluation agencies, San Francisco Public Library, parent advocates, and community and parent volunteers. The workgroups' three main goals for 2013-14 were to promote awareness of the importance of summer learning programs; to foster the adoption of citywide tools (such as the Summer Quality Self-Assessment (QSA) and the Core Competencies) among providers and funders; and to provide input on citywide professional development events for summer programs. 

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